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Market Development and Feasibility Analysis


Before we commit your resources to a project we will ensure that the risk is minimized by utilizing a thorough feasibility process that looks at market feasibility as well as financial feasibility. We explore all aspects of the project to ensure that it will be successful from the first day of opening. In the arena of age-enhanced purpose-built lifestyle resort communities; hospitality, health care, wellness, housing, retail-like services, dining services and administrative disciplines must work together. This "matrix" of services requires a planning process where we look at the many opportunities and focus on those that are advantageous to our project and filter out the rest. Senior Living International has the expertise in navigating through this process and creating purpose-built lifestyle resorts which meet and exceed consumer and investor expectations.


In developing senior living projects methods and processes are employed which insure market viability, minimize risk, provide protection for investor assets and control costs. Our knowledge, background and experience ensures that every aspect of the project is accomplished at the optimum levels of efficiency and quality. Some key assessments that make up this process include:


• Comprehensive financial projections

• Market demand studies and competition analysis

• Long-term growth potential and risk management efforts

• A strategic planning process, with a schedule for implementation


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