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Communities are more than “places to live”. They are carefully planned and created neighborhoods offering convenience, companionship, celebration, service and security so that our residents can enjoy their lives to their fullest. Our main focus is to create places were seniors can live the best years of their lives as illustrated in our Vision and Mission statements.


Senior Living International was created to be a leading developer and manager of senior living communities internationally. The people and partners of Senior Living International have touched the lives, served the needs, and supported the retirement dreams of thousands of people. Our diverse and extensive capabilities have helped bring to life wonderful places for people to thrive.


Our specialized expertise in creating lifestyle designed active adult communities and senior housing projects comes from years of experience. We provide a full range of professional services to develop, market, manage, and finance retirement communities. We provide expertise in the areas of: market research, financial planning and sourcing, market development and feasibility studies, marketing and sales, professional management, and training.


Senior Living International is focused on today's consumer. Their needs, wants, and desires are driving us into a new era of change and progression. The changing expectations and demands of retirees today have guided Senior Living International to conduct in-depth market research and develop new products, services, and programs to meet these needs. Senior Living International’s team based approach to development, marketing, and management helps improve the lives of seniors every day and is the heart of what sets us apart. We are committed to the creation of high quality purpose-built lifestyle resort communities that foster security, dignity, and independence while promoting personal growth.


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